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Who is Smartbooks?

Smartbooks is the trade name of B.V., an entity that focuses exclusively on the sale of textbooks to student associations.

Advantages of Smartbooks

Special price for members!

Buy and sell 2nd hand books!

All your books on on time at home!

Quick answers to all your questions!

Why Smartbooks?

Many study associations offer the opportunity to buy textbooks at a discount. Perhaps your association already does. Smartbooks specializes in selling textbooks to study associations. We are a small but growing organization working with more than 45 study associations. So maybe not so small. Last year, we shipped 40,000 packages and brought countless books to association locations. We do this with great success and to the full satisfaction of the associations and its members.

Perhaps cooperation with Smartbooks is also something for your association? Below we have listed our strengths.

Manual checking of reading lists

Smartbooks compiles the reading lists in close cooperation with the study association and the university. Each title is checked by us, especially for prompt availability. When in doubt about availability or circulation, Smartbooks contacts the professor. Thanks to this comprehensive check, Smartbooks delivers the right book on time.

Lowest possible price

Besides fast delivery, of course, price is very important to the student. At Smartbooks, we always strive to be cheaper than or We almost always succeed because we compare the price per title with the competition. When placing the order, as a member, you immediately see what your advantage is.

Bilingual personalized website

For every study association that joins Smartbooks we create its own website with an integrated web shop. As an association you can provide your own texts and pictures, but usually we do this together in consultation. We offer a responsive website that works on any device, PC, tablet or phone.

Both the website and email communications regarding orders are in Dutch or English, depending on the language you choose when placing your order.

As a study association, you enter into a partnership with Smartbooks. This means that members will order through their own association's web shop, but the fulfillment will be handled entirely by Smartbooks. Questions about orders and delivery all come to Smartbooks. We provide a quick response and solution. The study association is completely unburdened.

Not good, money back guarantee

Smartbooks compiles the reading lists based on information from teachers, the study guide and instructions from the study association. For teachers, we have a handy fill-in form on this site. There a teacher can fill in all the information about which book will be used, and not unimportantly, what percentage of the book will be studied. The information we get from teachers, we link back to them when we see that a book is no longer available, a new edition is coming out, or anything else that is important for the teacher to know. Should it be the case that a teacher still decides not to use the book at the start of the lecture, we will take back all books submitted by members. Good service right!

At Smartbooks, we prefer to present reading lists by semester. It is unnecessarily expensive to purchase books for an entire year. And often there are changes to the reading lists during the academic year.

Attractive bonus scheme B.V. sells books in accordance with the provisions of the Fixed Book Price Act (2005). In consultation, a bonus arrangement is possible per study association based on the total sales of foreign-language study books. In determining the amount of the bonus, a permanently competitive price for the members is the starting point for B.V.

Collecting and selling used books

If you have passed the exam, you would like to sell your textbooks. Smartbooks offers a perfect solution for this. Student associations often organize a collection period for used books twice per academic year. All in cooperation with Smartbooks.

As a member, enter the ISBN number online, choose the condition of the book, is it used or heavily used, and enter your information. The system checks to see if the book is still in use and you are immediately shown a price. Smartbooks collects the books from the society and offers them for sale on their own study association's website. It is always a great success. You receive your money directly into your bank account when your book is sold. Because we know which books will be used again, we offer an excellent price for your used books.

Teacher copies

Smartbooks offers instructors associated with your student organization's course the ability to request a "teacher's copy" of a book. This can be a copy of the book that the instructor is currently prescribing, or a book that the instructor may want to use for a lecture series in the future. Smartbooks submits the request and makes sure they are sent a free copy. All the teacher has to do is fill out the form on this site completely.

Possibility of on-site sales

Almost all members buy their books online. But there are still many associations that like to sell the books on site at the beginning of a semester, and especially at the beginning of the academic year for first-year members. It's a great way for an association to connect with new members. As an association, you can also choose to have members pick up books at the association. At the start of their studies, (foreign) students often do not yet have a permanent place in the city where they are studying. They can have the books delivered to the association, which is of course very convenient. We would be happy to discuss with your association whether these options are interesting.

Collaboration with Universities

Payment option for dues B.V. may charge your association dues directly with your order. When ordering, you indicate whether or not you are a member. Choose 'No' and you will receive a notification that you want to become a member and that you give permission for the dues to be charged directly. The study association will receive email notification of the new membership and handle further formalities. We will periodically send an overview of the new members and transfer the total dues to the association.

Flexible short-term contracts

At Smartbooks, we believe much more in long-term cooperation than in long-term contracts. That's why we like to enter into short-term contracts that we evaluate twice a year. If you are not satisfied, we look for a solution and do not point out the small print. This is how we have worked with almost all associations for more than 30 years.

Our clients


Want to know more about Smartbooks? Are you thinking, maybe Smartbooks is something for our study association too? Then get in touch us. As a knowledgeable and motivated team, we are ready to tell you more about Smartbooks. We can do this online or at your place on campus. Send us a message and we'll get back to you soon.

Thank you in advance for your response!

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